Burial Services

Your thoughtful concern for our family was appreciated so much at an extremely difficult time in our lives. I especially want to thank you for your help in our planning and after the service was over. You made this a celebration of my Dad’s life.

Loreen Burton

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Almost half of families in America choose burial. Many people find that having a permanent memorial in a cemetery provides a focal point for remembrance and memorializing the deceased that will last for generations. Most cemeteries will be maintained in perpetuatity allowing future generations the ability to come and honor their ancestors.

Providing a permanent resting place for the deceased is a dignified treatment for a loved one's mortal remains, which fulfills the natural human desire for memorialization.

Most burials in our region are traditional ground burials, but many cemeteries offer a variety of options.

Ground Burial
Burial of the casket below ground. A “vault” or “outer burial container” is required at many cemeteries.
Mausoleum, or Community Mausoleum
A large building that provides above-ground entombments.
Private Family Mausoleum
A small structure that provides above-ground entombment of, on average, two to twelve decedents.
Companion Crypt
Permits two interments or entombments side-by-side.
Private Family Plot
A small section of a cemetery usually bordered by gates, shrubbery, or other dividers that allows for ground burial of several members of the same family in close proximity.

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