Since 1890, families in Boone & Winnebago Counties have had a profound trust in Anderson Funeral & Cremations Services.

We value your trust, and our pledge is to continue to earn your trust each and every day. At Anderson Funeral & Cremation Services, we cherish each life and believe that you were created by God with a purpose for such times as this. We are dedicated to serving our community and helping families celebrate the impact their loved one has made in this world.

No matter what your budget is, we take great care and joy in helping you plan the perfect way to honor and give thanks to God for your loved one’s life. For that reason we are one of the most preferred funeral homes in Northern Illinois. In fact, we were honored to be selected by the National Funeral Directors Association to receive the elite Pursuit of Excellence Award.

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We take pride in offering the full range of funeral and cremation services. From traditional to contemporary, ceremonious to simple, our family will work with you to create the perfect celebration to honor your loved one within your budget. At Anderson, we understand that you may have lots of questions, and sometimes decisions need to be made quickly. Our compassionate team is available 24/7 to help you through those difficult moments. Contact us any time.

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If you are not completely satisfied with our professional services or facilities, there will be no charge for that service or item.


No one looks forward to making funeral arrangements. By doing so ahead of time you can make sure that your wishes are honored, offset the costs at the time of your death, and most importantly, relieve your family and friends of the great burden that comes with planning a celebration of life during the days following your death.

For more than 125 years and across four generations, our family has been here to help our neighbors celebrate and honor life. Trust Anderson to guide you through the process of arranging all of the details.


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