At Anderson Funeral & Cremation Services, we believe preplanning is one of the most precious gifts you can give to your loved ones.

Preplanning will protect your family and friends from the stress of planning a service during an already difficult time. When death occurs, your loved ones can support one another at home, instead of making arrangements at the funeral home.

One of the best reasons to plan ahead, is the gift of time. No one looks forward to planning a funeral, but it is something that everyone will do in their lifetime. When you schedule a time and do it ahead, you have the luxury of time.You will not be hurried in your decisions, and you have time to think clearly through all aspects of your funeral plan. You will have time to ask your family what will help them the most to transition into a new reality of life in your absence.Your family will not be left wondering what you would have wanted, but instead knowing that you planned your own funeral, which will make the service more meaningful to your loved ones.

For more information, or to begin planning, start with our online preplanning form or call us at 815-544-1616 to speak with one of our Prearrangement Specialists, or Funeral Directors.