Funeral Services

Dear Amy, My family just wanted to thank you for being so helpful and comforting with the passing of dad. Everything you did was top notch and just the way dad would have liked it. Dad’s services brought a lot of healing to our family. Words cannot express how appreciative we are.


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Whether you call it a funeral service, memorial service, or commemoration service. Whether you choose burial or cremation, whether your budget is large or small. Whether you invite friends and community, or journey simply with your closest family members. We will help you design a unique and special ceremony.

Funeral services are as varied as the people they honor. We welcome you to take advantage of our beautiful reception space, but we are also happy to coordinate a funeral at another special location like a church, restaurant, park, or even a private residence.

Many funeral services are coordinated in conjunction with a local church or synagogue and a member of the clergy. However, if you prefer, our Care Team includes four Certified Funeral Celebrants. These specially trained members of our team will work with your family to develop a unique and memorable service designed specifically to celebrate the life, and tell the story of your loved one.

For many families, a ceremony to honor the final disposition of the body of the deceased person is important too. Whether you prefer a modest procession to the location of a memorial stone, a private gathering at the time of cremation, or a horse-drawn carriage and full military honors at a graveside service, Anderson will handle all of the details.

No matter your preferences, or your budget, Anderson is dedicated to providing an opportunity for you to create a foundation to move forward through grief with hope. And we back that up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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