Life is a journey and how will you tell your story?  The correct answer is “However you wish!” Anderson Funeral & Cremation Services is always looking to surpass your expectations and handle every detail with excellence and compassion. Some providers standardize services to save themselves money. We are different. Our goal is to tell the unique story of a life, so we proudly offer more personalization options than other funeral homes in the area while still keeping costs reasonable.  Times have changed and no longer do you have to keep to the usual of just having a luncheon after a service. Studies have shown that serving food at a gathering where people are grieving will help everyone feel more calm, comfortable, relaxed, and foster conversation and connectivity.  Take advantage of our beautiful, spacious reception area for a gathering before, after, or during your service.  We have preferred caterers that will provide bite-sized hors d’oeuvre, or desserts – whatever works best for you.

Every aspect will be designed around what you want. At Anderson Funeral & Cremation Services, what matters to you, matters to us. Contact our expert staff today to get started.