Ronald Kenneth Ramos

November 29, 1967 - May 9, 2020

Ronald  Kenneth  Ramos


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Ronald Kenneth Ramos, 52, of Belvidere, IL passed away peacefully, Saturday evening, May 9, 2020 in UW Hospital-Madison, WI after a short illness.  Ron was born November 29, 1967 in San Francisco, CA the son of Jose and Louella (Castano) Ramos.  Ron married Nancy Muck on June 12, 1993 in Rockford, IL and to this union two sons were born, Justin and Jeremy.  Ron was currently the Central Supply Supervisor for Mercy Health as well as a partner in Boone County  He was a veteran of the United States Army, where he was an Airborne Paratrooper.  Ron was involved in the community of Belvidere.  He was an assistant football coach for Belvidere High School, for many years photographed many high school sporting events at all three high schools in Boone County.  He was a photographer for the Boone County Fair Queen Pageant and the 4-H Livestock Auction. Ron volunteered with the Boy Scouts and Royal Family Kids Camp.  Ron loved to interact with the community and really enjoyed when past players called him coach. He was a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan.

Ron is loved and will be missed by his wife, Nancy; sons, Justin and Jeremy; sister, Cynthia (David) Ramos-Cisneros; father, Jose( Rita); mother in-law, Joanne Muck; sisters in-law, Jane (Paul) Zeien, Lori (Austin) Reisetter, Lynn (Dennis) Brody; brother in-law Dale (Suzette) Muck, 13 nieces and nephews.  Ron is preceded in death by his mother, Louella and father in-law Dr. George A. Muck.

Funeral services will be livestreamed at 11: 00 a.m., Thursday, May 21, 2020. To access Ron’s livestreamed service, please go to Ron’s obituary page at  Rev. Christopher Druce Jones officiating.  Burial will be at Belvidere Cemetery.  Memorial contributions in Ronald’s name can be given in care of the family to be dispersed to the many charities that Ron loved and supported.  To share a memory, please visit

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Anderson Funeral and Cremation Services

218 West Hurlbut Ave
Belvidere, IL 61008


Funeral services will be livestreamed at 11: 00 a.m., Thursday, May 21, 2020.

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I wish to express my deepest condolences to all of Ron’s family. It has literally been decades since Ron and I have had the opportunity to talk. I had recently heard of his passing through a mutual friend (Thank you Sheryl) and was very saddened to hear the news.

Jason Gustavson 2020-05-22T13:11:12

Ron Ramos had a positive impact on so many of us who knew him. In loving memory of his kindness, please accept my condolences. May God bless the family.

Miguel Sanchez 2020-05-21T20:40:01

My condolences to you all. What I know of Ron is he was a people person, his son comment of everyone he met he considered to be a friend sums it up. I’m sorry for your loss and I pray the Lord gives you strength during this difficult time.

Tina Pavey 2020-05-21T16:04:57

Hey Ron, even with Coronavirus and being thousands of miles away, I’m glad I can still sat goodbye streaming online. Even though I would only see you for a few weeks/month every summer in Bolingbrook, IL for many years in the 80s and 90s, you left an indelible mark on my wonder years. Thank you for asking me to be a groomsman in your wedding. You accepted me as a dork, and later in life you accepted me when I came out gay without hesitation. You’re a role model, a soldier, a father, a brother, a dork, and a great friend. I love you.

Charlie Gage 2020-05-21T13:23:14

That was a nice service; I would have rather been present but we do live in a different time now.
He was a great man and will surely be missed. I will always be grateful for knowing him and his help as I was thrown into being the Cub Scout leader.
My son Brandon wanted me to extend his condolences as well to Justin and the family.
We will never forget him.

Mike Coniglio 2020-05-21T12:10:21

Thank you Ronnie for being a positive spirit and presence in so many lives. I am blessed that we had a chance to reconnect after such a long time of not being in touch, but as cousins and family, we could pick up and have great conversation due to the family memories and love of each other’s upbringing. Having been able to see you at Auntie Angie’s birthday, the County fair and in the hospital are memories I will never forget. You brought me back to my cousin Cyndi, you opened your heart and family to my family and you connected me to new friends through common love of sport. Your presence will live on through all those you touched. May you rest in eternal peace, with the love of your mother, Grandma and Grandpa Dacanay and all those who have gone before us. We will all be forever grateful for having you in our lives.

Tonette Thompson 2020-05-21T12:09:18

I’m going to miss my cousin, Ron.
My mom, Mary Castaño, sends her love.
My deepest condolences to you, Nancy, and your boys. My heart also goes out to my Uncle Joe & Cyndi.
Now Ron will be another angel watching over us with my Aunt Louella and my Dad.

May he Rest In Peace.
Nora Castaño Lawrence

Nora Castaño Lawrence 2020-05-21T10:57:15

Ramos Strong! Throughout my life, my older cousin Ronnie, was always a strong figure to Tracy and I. My earliest memories as a little kid in Oklahoma, while he was in the Army, was when Ronnie would come to visit us in Ada. In his camo, rolled up sleeves and spit-shined shoes, for me was very impressive and as a kid made me very proud, for he was Ramos Strong. He would always laugh, which was contagious, always making you laugh too. As I grew up, even if there would be time without seeing him, we would talk occasionally and of course Ronnie would have something to say. Always looking to make you feel better or to look at the brighter side of things. I wish I could have talked to him more; I wish I could have seen him more. I will miss my big cousin. I can close my eyes and see his smile. I am thankful that I got to tell him I love him the day he passed and will always cherish the memories that I have of Ronnie. Thank you Ronnie, Rest in Peace, give a kiss to your mama for me.


Christopher Heath 2020-05-21T07:06:14

My cousin Ronnie looked out for me like a big brother. He taught me how to play Atari video games, took me to my first Star Wars movie, teased me about my lisp so much that I worked to get rid of it, and—let’s not forget—he led the infamous Ramos cousin grilling of my then Colombian fiancé. Thank you, cousin, for everything! We’ll miss you!

Nancy, I can only imagine how hard these past months have been for you and your boys. Know that we hold you all close to our hearts and in our prayers. I wish I could be there in person to say goodbye to my cousin.


Joanna Ramos-Romero 2020-05-21T07:04:22

Children say the cutest things. When they were very young (early 70’s), the Ramos kids, Ronnie and Cyndi were treated by their parents, Joe and Lou, to a trip to New York City. from Chicago, Lou drove the family car to pick up Joe in Norfolk, Va, where he was stationed. They saw the sights in Manhattan, the Empire State Bldg., Central Park, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, etc. They said “hello” to the wild animals in the Bronx Zoo. A special spot was Coney Island in Brooklyn, noted for its traditional rides and the world-famous
Nathan’s hot dogs.

It was a typically oppressive summer triple H day – hazy, hot, and humid – a punishing mix, whether you drove or took the subway. Queuing for the roller coaster at the end of a very long day and obviously feeling tired and restless like the rest of the crowd, Ronnie turned to Joe and said, “Daddy, are you happy now?” Wasn’t that supposed to be Joe’s line?

A Recollection by Nelia (Ramos) Isana Camargo
NYC, 5/15/20

Nelia Isana Camargo 2020-05-21T07:02:43

Dear Nancy,

Words are not enough to express our sorrows. Losing a loved one is painful. We salute you and your family for your outpouring love for Ron. We will always pray for him.. Rest in peace, dear Ron.

Love from,
Tita Eden, Tito Pee Wee
and cousins: Cid, Ian, Chiara and Noah..

Eden Divinagracia 2020-05-21T07:00:15

Dear Tito Joe,

It’s hard to say anything that can console a loving father like you in this time of grief for losing your good son, Ron. In your intimacy with God in prayer, I know that God is showering you and your whole family now with abundant graces and His affection. Surely, Ron’s good heart and a Godly life he has lived brings him the reward of eternal life. This can turn your family’s painful loss into deep joy and peace.

Our whole family prays for the eternal rest, joy and peace of Ron’s soul and we very much pray for God’s love and consolation to fill every heart in your family.

I just want po to share with you a prayer (attached file, which I’ve drawn from the Handbook of Prayers) … which I’ll pray for Ron and anyone in your family may also find it helpful these days. Will also remember him and your family at Mass these days.

Again, God bless po to you and Tita Rita, to Cyndi and family, Ron’s wife and family and to your whole family.


Patricia Berba 2020-05-21T06:58:52

Dearest Nancy, Justin and Jeremy,

We grieve with you on the loss of Ronnie, loving husband and great
father, and super nephew, too; how he shall be missed!
We first met Ronnie in the Easter of 1984, when his Dad and Mom
brought him and Cindy on their first trip to Brussels, to visit their Tita Elsa and Tito Ty.  (On meeting them at the airport, we announced my
pregnancy – with Bayani; this elicited lots of whooping and hugging…a
spectacle for the staid Europeans staring at us with bemusement.)   Until
then, we had only seen Ronnie in the photos which his Mom and Dad
regularly sent to all the family.  Through these, we were able to watch
him grow, from babyhood to his teens.  One of the photos I treasure is
Ronnie cradling his newly born sister, Cindy.  For Ty and me, it was such
a pleasant surprise to behold a 17-year-old, good-looking teenager,
sporting a trendy upswept haircut, with a charming smile, an infectious
laughter…and the trademark Ramos nose!   

We have wonderful and funny memories of this visit:  the kids’
astonishment that, in Paris,  coca-cola was more expensive than a glass
of red wine;  Cindy shrieking –  and Ronnie being cool, of course – at
seeing a cockroach in the room of our one-star hotel on the left
bank;  their horror at the sight and smell of fresh meat as we passed by
the butcher shops (no blasé act by Ronnie, this time), and their joy and
enthusiasm on the boat rides along the Seine and the canals of Bruges,
and – true to their genes – sampling the gastronomical wonders in the
restaurants and bistros…where we spent an inordinate amount of time.
One of the highlights of their stay in Brussels was the first public event,
an Easter party, of the newly-founded Samahan ng mga Manggagawang
Pilipino sa Belgium (the Filipino migrant workers’ organization, which is
now on its 36 th  year!).    Louella, Joe, Ronnie and Cindy were amongst
the special guests.  I remember the girls mooning over Ronnie, who was
trying to be nonchalant about being the object of attention. Cindy ribbed
him mercilessly!

It was amusing to witness the Kuya teasing his baby sister, and she,
getting back at him in full measure! Their bickering brought back
memories of the 7 of us growing up in Manila (the arbiter was our eldest, his Dad Joe, who was already showing his Presidential tendencies). But, underlying all this, we felt the deep affection and love Ronnie hadfor his sister and his parents, and they for him. With his beloved Nancy, Justin and Jeremy, the same boundless love was manifest. And this love happily spilled over to us, his Titas and Titos, and to his numerous ocusins, nieces and nephews. Indeed, his beaming face always brought sunshine to our family events and reunions. For these blessings, we will always be grateful!

Dearest Ronnie, rest in peace with your beloved Mom, and your Lolas
and Lolos, Father-in-law, Tita Emma, Tita Yoly, Tito Milo, and all our
dearly departed. We know that you are now with them, in our “reserved”
box up there, showering Nancy, Justin and Jeremy, and all of us, with
your everlasting love.

Tita Elsa and Tito Ty
Bangkok, 19 May 2020

Elsa Ramos 2020-05-21T06:51:49

Amongst all my cousins in his generation I was the closest to Ronnie. I met him when he was about two years old and I was seven. We visited his family in San Francisco after landing in the US for the first time. He was a ball of energy back then. I watched his mom try to feed him
while she chased him around the room. When he stopped to take a breather she would shove the spoon in his mouth and then he would be off running around again.

What I remember most and the memory I will cherish is the warmth of his hug and his beautiful smile when we saw each other at our family gatherings. We would talk about our kids and catch
each other up with our lives. He was so proud of his boys and rightly so. Family was everything to him. ’ve been privileged to have grown up with such a kind and loving man. The many loving messages and powerful prayers posted on Facebook throughout his ordeal is a testament to his
beautiful soul. I’ll miss you so much Ronnie and please give a great big hug to my Dad from me when you see him.

Olga Calo 2020-05-21T06:48:29

Ronnie was an active and curious young boy. I remember that my family always made sure the house was “Ronnie proof” before he came over so he would not break anything. Even then, he already wanted to show the world that he was in control. There was not a thing that would stop Ronnie from the day he was born. He had no fear of new adventures and truly lived his life to the fullest. Most memorably, he loved a good party with family and friends where he would share his blessings of
laughter and true, infallible happiness. Easily loved by anyone who met him, he attracted the entire world to himself with his big smile and warm hugs. I will miss hearing him say my name, “Uncle Eric”. My heart breaks and will continue to break as I try to say goodbye to Ronnie. He has
taught me how to live life every day to the complete fullest, and always with a joke or a full grin. Let us all live life like Ronnie, one that is without regret but with pure, unconditional love for our families and friends. Rest In Peace Ronnie. We love you so much.

Eric Ramos 2020-05-21T06:45:51

Ronnie , today we were supposed to have come together as a family to bring you to your resting place but unfortunately this pandemic has prevented us.Though I can’t be there physically my spirit will be with you. Ronnie my memories of you as a fun-loving little boy, a respectful, honest, happy go lucky young man (when you lived with me), and being a loving, responsible husband and father in your adult life will always be engraved forever in my heart. Although it grieves me because of your early demise I am confident and I find comfort that
through God’s mercy we have a living hope thro the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead
and unto an inheritance that can never perish, spoil, or fade kept in heaven for us.Someday we
will meet again in a place that Jesus reserve for us. There He will wipe away every tear from their ( our) eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain for the old order of things had passed away .”(Rev .21:4). Ronnie this is just a goodbye for by God’s grace when
it’s my time for God to call me home we will be together once again feasting and worshipping Him in his presence forever and ever for He is the Alpha & the Omega. We will meet all the Ramos and never shall we be separated again. Ronnie be assured that even in your absence
Nancy, Justin ,& Jeremy will always be loved by the Ricardo Ramos Clan Until we meet again my love goes with you. May you Rest In Peace in God’s everlasting Presence

Angie Ramos 2020-05-21T06:44:08

Heavenly Father, we come into your presence today to mourn the passing of Ronnie.
We celebrate a life well-lived. We come to you to be comforted in sorrow and pray that your Holy Spirit cover us with peace that passes understanding. We know that just as You walked with Ronnie throughout his entire life, You are walking with him now in his new home in heaven. Grant us strength and courage to face the challenges and demands that awaits us. Be with all of the family, and give them a sense of your comfort and peace. Be with his father and sister and give them an extra source of your love and understanding. Be with us as Ronnie has moved on to his higher calling and allow us to never forget the contributions and efforts that Ronnie made on your behalf in this world. In the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen

Rey Ramos 2020-05-21T06:35:52

My deepest sympathy to you and your family as you go through this difficult time.

Vicki Jacobson 2020-05-20T08:51:45

So sorry to hear of Ron’s passing after such a long fight- so like Ron to never give up. I worked with Ron at BTI and HRG , he was always a trooper, committed, enthusiastic and a great source of support and fun, a real pleasure to work with. I posted a week before he passed how much I missed his infectious laugh and looked forward to the day I could hear it again. Now I will forever hear it in my heart and in my memories of Ron. God bless to all of us who were lucky enough to know Ron and have him in our lives. Love to Nancy and family xx

Lesley Mattock 2020-05-20T08:12:26

To Nancy, Justin, Jeremy and the extended Ramos family I send my hugs and condolences for the loss of Ron. He will always be remembered for his friendly, loving, fun-loving personality. He will also be remembered for his strong love of family. I will hold precious memories of Ron in my heart.

Gabrielle Vital 2020-05-19T08:12:55

Ron will be deeply missed by everyone that ever got a chance to know him. While at Mercyhealth, Ron became an outstanding leader and had a wonderful “can do” attitude in everything he set out to do. He was always so positive, had an infectious smile, and could always be counted on.

To Nancy, Justin, and Jeremy, please know that Ron was loved by so many that he got to know, and his friends at Mercyhealth will always remember him for being that wonderful and caring leader.

God Bless you and your family,

Joel Prah 2020-05-19T07:59:57

To the Ramos family, our prayers are with you that Our Heavenly Father comforts and strengthens you all, May God bless and keep you for all eternity…

Deacon James E. Flint Sr.& Family 2020-05-19T06:27:12

I only met Ron a few times, but his warm and welcoming personality was immediately felt. He was kind and generous, a hallmark of his family. Deepest condolences to all family and friends who lost this cherished man.

JANIQUE CARBONE 2020-05-19T02:25:54

Dear Ron, too soon, my brother, much too soon! I remember exchanging emails promising that we would get together… and make sure whatever your Pops (Ninong Joe) and my Daddy (Fil) had will live on through us! Ron, you will always be in my prayers, my friend! Rest in peace, my brother!

Lord, you have with you a good son, brother, husband, father… and friend! Please welcome him and take him in Your arms and take care of him… till we meet again!

Our deepest condolences! 😔😔😔

I pray for the Ramos Family – Nancy, Justin, Jeremy… Ninong Joe and Cynthia

Lenard Berba 2020-05-19T00:38:06

Sharing in your sadness for the loss of Ron. Thoughts and prayers are with all of you and wishing you comfort.

Mylene Lee 2020-05-19T00:05:50

Ron was a pleasure to work with at Javon Bea Hosp/Mercyhealth. He would always make time out of his day, to assist me in whatever the problem of the day, was.
I never saw him angry but always so positive, helpful & a great listener & problem solver. He always went above & beyond to help. Ron lived life! Supply Chain enjoyed listening to his stories, on all the adventures and places he’d been, throughout his life! I’m sure he won’t skip a beat, of finding adventures in Heaven. Ron will be missed. God Bless your family, during this time. Kristy Roser

Kristy Roser 2020-05-18T11:01:16

Nancy, I am so sorry for your loss. Your husband was a great guy! always friendly with our staff at the Community Building. Praying for your healing in this time of grief. Please know that you are in my prayers

Mary Beth Orlove 2020-05-18T10:48:39

Wishing you peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your heart.

With deepest sympathy ,
Cindy Rathke
Mercyhealth – Rockton Ave. Administration

Cindy Rathke 2020-05-18T08:47:59

I’ll miss Ron a lot.. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Will be on the virtual service.. Wish i could be there.

cathy youngquist 2020-05-16T22:25:11

To Ron’s family, loved ones and friends,
As you all, we are saddened by Ron’s passing. I must admit that I didn’t get to know Ron all that well but we held a very special invisible bond. He was a younger Brother of my Fraternity, Tau Alpha Rho. We were a local Chicago bunch that shared something unique even across decades of generations and eras. We were all connected and we all feel his loss. May his memories keep him alive forever in your minds and hearts. God bless Ron and all of you. Our prayers.

Lou & Julie (Sanger) Anasinis 2020-05-16T13:38:45

Manong Joe, Cynthia, Nancy, Justin, and Jeremy – I am Manong Joe’s cousin (my mother was your grandfather’s sister) from the Philippines. Our prayers go with Ron and your entire family.

Virgilio Ramos de los Reyes 2020-05-16T07:43:56

My prayers and support are with your family during this difficult time. Mr. Ramos was an amazing man, and I am so blessed to be able to say I knew him.

Paige Urban 2020-05-16T07:10:15

Love you guys. Always will be a second family to me. Gonna miss Ron dearly. I don’t know if he always liked me calling him Christiano Ronaldo or just Ronaldo but I sure am gonna miss saying that whenever I saw him.

Will Gray 2020-05-15T20:00:15

Nancy, Justin, & Jeremy,
So very sorry for your loss. We have wonderful memories, he will be missed. Keeping all of you in our prayers.

Debi and Tim Cheesbrough 2020-05-15T19:32:54

To a great guy, you’ll be missed by so many. May your family find comfort knowing your resting peacefully. Nancy and boys, cherish the memories and share them with all and with people you love to know what a great guy your father and husband was to everyone. Love to you all.

Andrea and Peter Orlando

Andrea (Otto) Orlando 2020-05-15T18:27:03

Ron may you rest in power man. You always had a better attitude then most. Appreciate that about you. Smile on homie. Sending prayers to all that loved him.

Jon Candiotta 2020-05-15T18:17:16

Rip Ron it was a genuine pleasure to have known you. Nancy and the boys I am so sorry for your loss. He will be missed greatly!

Kurt LaPak 2020-05-15T17:56:54

My heart felt prayers for the Ramos Families and friends. Ron was a treasure to so many. I’ll always remember his smile

Shari Kasper 2020-05-15T17:19:44

So very sorry and sad. Faith over Fear forever.

Dan Holmes 2020-05-15T16:14:06

Sorry to hear about Ron. He was always a lot of fun to work with in the kitchen when we were doing Royal Family fundraisers.

Tim Welk 2020-05-15T15:25:54

So sorry for your loss. Ron was a great supporter of the community, he will be missed. We are keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers during this most difficult time.

The Daniels' family 2020-05-15T14:45:01

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I have wonderful memories of Ron. Those will keep him alive in our hearts.

Cindy Anderson 2020-05-15T14:28:42


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