Ricky "Rick" Goodwin

July 23, 1976 - November 25, 2019



Ricky “Rick” Goodwin, 43, passed away on November 25, 2019 in Belvidere, IL. He was born on July 23, 1976 in Berwyn, IL to Deborah Goodwin. After graduating high school, he began working for Preferred Shelving in Rockford, IL. Ricky loved fishing and cheering on his favorite team, the Chicago Bears.

Ricky will be dearly missed by his mother, Deborah Kohl; his children, Elexus Jade Fournier, Blake Michael Carlson, Cadin Thurston, and Ricky Goodwin, Jr; his step-brother, Raymond Kohl; close friend, Sherri Sigafus; and grandfather, Gary Wardlow.

He was preceded in death by Blake’s mother, Jennifer Carlson.

A memorial gathering will be from 3:00-7:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 5, 2019 at Anderson Funeral and Cremation Services, 218 W. Hurlbut Ave., Belvidere, IL, 61008. Memorial contributions in Ricky’s name may be gifted to the family to establish a memorial at a later date. To light a candle or write a condolence, please visit

Service Schedule

Thursday, December 5, 2019
3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Anderson Funeral and Cremation Services

218 West Hurlbut Ave
Belvidere, IL 61008


A memorial gathering will be from 3:00-7:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 5, 2019 at Anderson Funeral and Cremation Services.

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I am so sorry for your loss.My condolences go out to his family &friends.”Rest in peace Ricky”

Tracy Anderson 2019-12-06T00:37:21

Rest Easy my friend. My condolences to your children and your family.

Heather 2019-12-02T13:50:21

I have many memories growing up as teenagers around this town. I’m glad I was a trusted friend to you and could always see the good inside your heart. May you shine bright in heaven and watch over Sherri, your children, and all your loved ones. Till we meet again! RIH.

Annette M Alatorre 2019-12-01T19:50:54

From Shady House, to Frank’s, to Madison Street, and to the apartment; the memories are limitless…To think that when we first met there were still payphones and pagers. We were all reckless and didn’t care. We all had each other’s backs no matter what. I will miss our long talks about the past and about our lives and what we wanted them to become. I will forever be grateful for the 20+ years that you made me laugh, cry, and at times become extremely furious with you. We could never stay mad for long, but sometimes we did make it hard. We were and always will be FAMILY. We all loved together and at times we mourned together. And as we cry, laugh and remember you in our own ways…we do it together, as a Family. Rest in Love…Always

H 2019-12-01T07:37:36

My condolences go out to all his family and friends.

Jessica beasley 2019-11-30T16:32:21

My condolences go out to the Whole Goodwin family

Scott Zoellick 2019-11-30T16:17:10

Brother, years ago it was our struggle. We stood together and helped one another. It was simple but our lives were complicated we helped each other figure out life. Together we could overcome the world and forged a way. We were growing up invinsible and unstoppable noone could tell us otherwise. We all grew up together and shared some of the best and worst of times. We shared some good times together. The pain was always real but we did our best. We will mourn you brother RIPeace Rick. Death has separated us for now. Eternity will bring us together. I pray for peace and have to accept that you will be in the presence and peace of a loving God Jesus Christ. In God’s presence there is no beginning and no end. He sees it all without beginning or end, eternity my friend. When we get there, there will be no more pain and no more tears. We will also enjoy new peace and joy without suffering. We love you, brother. Condolences to your family.

. 2019-11-30T13:22:27

My old friend. Where do i start? No one knows the true pain you were in. No one knows the true demons that ate at you. I do wish i had not taken time for granted when we were talking 3 months ago. I told you we would get together cuz you had some things to talk about. You wanted help and guidance. A month passed i didn’t find the time. You messaged me again you needed a ride. I was 135 miles away i couldn’t help you. Again we said as soon as i get back and have time we need to hook up. Well i got busy my life is always hectic and busy. I go months without contact with anyone outside my house and don’t even think about it. Halloween hit and you sent me a video. I didn’t think nothing of it again my home life was busy. 3 weeks pass i see a post and think shit i need to get up with him………….. then i realized i wasted time much time. Now i can’t get up with you. Shit maybe you just needed to talk. I know we wanted to talk about possible career choices to help you get back on track. Idk maybe it would have changed anything i sure as hell don’t think i had the power to take away your pain or demons. I don’t even think i could have helped in any way to get you financially stable. But what if it wasn’t about any of that at all. What if you just needed a brother to look in the eyes and just say damn it’s good to see you. It was a minute since i seen you. I’d drive by and see you chilling on the porch. But of course i was busy had the kids with me headed some where or headed to work. Always something right rick. Whether i could have made a difference or not is now irrelevant i just wish i would have tried. For that i am sorry brother. You will now and forever be in my heart. It is getting full but there is room for you. To your kids you mom and your family i would just say i am sorry For your loss and the pain it brings i truly am. I just wanted to get that off my chest brother. I hope you have found peace i hope you were met on the other side with love. You goofy ass smile and that ridiculous duck walk will forever bring a smile to my face when i think of you.

Good bye brother
See you when i see you
One love

Frank Sesto 2019-11-30T06:23:35

Hay man we got away with more things that i will admit too but i did not see this coming . Living in today’s world sure isn’t what it use to be when we met 25+ years ago. Things were so much simpler i’m not to sure when it got so complicated for you but the struggle is over for you now and many of us remain here thinking of those days when death did not scare us and we could do no wrong. Those are the things i will always remember about you the good times .I will say this keep the drivers seat warm for me cause when i get up there you already know i’m drivin so rest easy i’ll see you one of these days and don’t crash my ride before i get up there !!!

Scott Dogg 2019-11-30T01:40:13

So very sorry for tour loss. Another young life taken too soon.

Bobbie 2019-11-29T23:15:05


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