Design Your Life

Wendell Holmes Jr. wrote, “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”  I’m sure you would agree that 2020 has been a very difficult year.  Much of “normal” life has been torn away and ushered in the most changes to our culture in the history of the world. Have all the changes stopped you from dreaming and planning? What if you used your experiences in 2020 as a jumping-off point to Design the rest of Your Life.

Before 2021 arrives, let’s decide to start taking steps to design our life; begin the process of thinking big and crafting plans to bring those plans into reality.

Step 1: Reflecting

I know you just groaned, and you probably don’t want to spend time reflecting on 2020. But trust me, carving out time to process these questions will be a great first step toward Designing Your Life. Grab a notebook and a pencil and let’s start the ball rolling.

Reflecting is Step #1 – spend at least 10 minutes pondering and then write down your answers.

  • What were three Wins in 2020?
  • List 7 events, people or memories you are grateful for in 2020.
  • What area of your life are you enjoying the greatest momentum – increasing forward motion that will continue moving forward with little or no help?
  • What is the most positive habit in your life at the moment?
  • What one habit do you wish you could change?
  • Who is sharpening you to be the person you want to become, and how can you spend more time with them?
  • What one thing, if it got better, would make the biggest difference in your life?

Set a timer for at least ten minutes, and start reflecting now. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t trick yourself into thinking you’ll come back to this blog.

After just ten minutes, you will have taken a big step forward toward Designing Your Life. I would love to hear from you so we can encourage each other.  Email me at

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