Are You Ready to Live With Momentum?

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Dear Friends,

Seasons are definitely one of the things that mark those of us who live in Northern IL.  Summer is known for hot sticky days, fresh corn, and garden tomatoes.  I hope you have been enjoying some of the things summer has to offer because autumn is knocking at our doors.  We have been busy planning for a new season too.  We are very happy to be officially launching Momentum.

Momentum, powered by Anderson Funeral & Cremation Services is an all-encompassing approach to supportive relationships.  We believe that by joining together we can be a source of strength, knowledge, and inspiration for each other and those around us.

Momentum’s mission is to help you navigate your life in community because we believe that you were created to have purpose and be in deep relationships.  It is our hope that when you find Momentum, you will be able to embrace each moment of your life with energy and enthusiasm.  With Momentum, you can positively affect your own life, and also others.

We have activities planned to start on September 8, 2018.  Look at the link attached to this and see what’s happening. August 2018 Post – PDF Please join us to discover what your life can be when you live your life with Momentum.

Diann J. Anderson

August 2018 Post – PDF

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